Feb 2 – 8: Tired of snow

I think it’s safe to say that most New Yorkers are really tired of snow. And ice. And the seas of slush that you have to wade through just to cross the street. I know I am!

This week was a little disappointing for me, training wise. But my goal race is in the far future, so I’m not worried.

Sunday: This was supposed to be a 10 miler, but my knees didn’t feel great and I cut it off at 6.5 (averaging 8:53). My route took me up the east side of the park, then down Union to 3rd Ave. Hung a right on 3rd St. at the new Whole Foods, down to Smith St. Left of Smith, then left on 9th which I took back up to the park.

Tuesday: The snow came again on Monday, so that night I went out and purchased a pair of Yaktrax.  I used them Tuesday morning for a 4 mile run @ 9:33 around the park. I’m still debating how useful they were; I’m sure they helped on some of the more treacherous terrain, but there was plenty of people out there in just their plain old shoes. Side-note: the park was especially gorgeous after the snow fall, so at least that!

Thursday: I went out for 6 miles (1.5 loops of the park) @ 8:16, but after a fast 3rd (7:21) mile my left knee started acting up again.  At that point I vowed to keep it slow for the foreseeable future.

Saturday: This was the first half of a semi-high mileage weekend (for myself). I went out for a total of 8.12 miles at an 8:19 pace.  This included running the perimeter of the park clockwise, then back around the park loop counter-clockwise. My pacing was generally even, but mile 7 was a bit brisker at 7:50. The run included two extra legs — after I got home from the park I realized I needed to get something at the supermarket, so I ran the extra 0.4 miles there and back as an added cool down.

Total miles: 24.56

Today I plan on doing 11 miles around Prospect Park South.  Here’s hoping I accomplish my goal!



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